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WIlls & Probate


Everyone should make a will because it is the only way to ensure that the people you care about are protected in the event of your death. If you die without making a will the law will decide who inherits your estate according to rules which do not cover unmarried couples, friends, step children, charities and others. If you believe that if you do not make a will your husband or wife will inherit everything if you die anyway this may not be correct. Making a will enables you to decide who is going to deal with your affairs when you die and invariably makes things easier for those you leave behind.

We offer a personal, sensitive and professional will service at reasonable cost. We will discuss your personal situation carefully with you at a face to face meeting. We give practical advice about things you may not have considered and will store your will free of charge.


We are able to act for you if you are appointed an executor of a will or if it is your responsibility to administer the estate of someone who has died without making a will.

We can either deal with specific matters such as just getting probate or dealing with the whole administration of the estate including dealing with the assets of the estate and paying out the appropriate beneficiaries.

We also deal with inheritance claims and other disputes involving the estates of deceased persons.

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